Hello and thank you for visiting this website. The website was created to honor the memory of my babygirl, (Katie Jo Perry). In her short time here she touched so many lives with her smile and her love.

Her story began in February of 2016, when she noticed a lump in her left armpit. She called her OBGYN and made an appointment to get it checked out. The doctor then sent her to Windsong Radiology. The radiology results showed that she had 3 areas in the left breast and another area under her left armpit. The areas were biopsied and the results were sent to her doctor. The doctors appointment was a very emotional day for my babygirl. She was then sent to Roswell.

At Roswell she was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. She began 16 rounds of chemotherapy before a double masectomy surgery, After her double masectomy it was determined that she had Stage 3 because the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes. She then began 33 rounds of radiation, after which she was told that there was no evidence of cancer in her body.

But after the grueling radiation treatments, she got sepsis and was admitted into Roswell. While in Roswell they did emergency surgery to remove the left expander. She then went home on intravenous antibiotics for 6 weeks. This put her behind as she was to begin another round of chemotherapy, which could not begin until she was well enough. She completed the last of her chemotherapy and began to try and live a normal life again with her husband Kevin and their 2 sons, 6 year old Kameron and 1 year old Easton.

In March of 2017 after Katie had finally went back to work she noticed a painful rash around the scar on her left breast. She made an appointment to go and see her Oncologist who sent her to a Dermatologist who did a Punch Biopsy. The results of the Biopsy were Radiation Dermatitis. She then made an appointment to see her Radiation doctor as it was painful. She was given a cream and also told that he had never seen anything like the rash before. As the week went by the rash seemed to be getting worse and more painful. She made another appointment to see the Dermatologist. When the doctor took one look at the rash she told my babygirl that it wasn't good. The doctor did another Punch Biopsy and sent her right over to the Oncologist. The Oncologist told her that the breast cancer was back in her skin. She underwent test and it was determined that the cancer had spread and that she would undergo more chemotherapy.

Despite the news my babygirl was determined that she was going to beat this. Many different chemotherapies were tried but were unable to stop the cancer. The cancer was growing even while she was undergoing chemotherapy. A meeting was scheduled with the doctor and an army of her supporters. It was agreed upon that the chemo would stop and she would begin to have Palliative Care in the home. During this whole process my daughter was in extreme pain, nothing that was tried helped alleviate her pain.

Despite her pain, fatigue and the emotional toll of her prognosis she smiled and pushed herself daily for a normal life. While on the Palliative Care at home we met an amazing nurse, Christy. Christy fought daily to help Katies pain but to no avail. It was at the end of June 2018 that Christy and a nurse practitioner came to Katies house and explained Hospice. At first Katie was reluctant to go, saying I am not giving up!! It was explained by Christy that it was not giving up. That Hospice would be able to administer medication that could not be done in her home. Katie accepted going and any treatment they recommended. Which helped her to be able to enjoy her children.

During my babygirls Hospice stays we had sleep overs, coloring contests, dinners, card games and so much more. Everyone at Hospice fought so hard and went above and beyond for my babygirl and the whole family. At one point a nurse practitioner let Katie, Kevin, myself and the boys stay at her cottage in Canada. As Katie wanted to go on one last vacation with her family. One of the doctors at Hospice was even willing to go on vacation with Katie.

The progression of the disease made it very hard for Katie to keep pushing. The doctors, nurses, chaplain, social workers and the head of nursing helped us all to understand the signs of what the end would look like. They were always there in anyway we needed. When it was time for my babygirl to leave this earth and be with God, Hospice helped her transition with dignity and respect.